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Embroidery and fabrics

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Mediterranean style


Mallorcan embroidery is characterised by exuberant, generally floral, colours, and is usually used to decorate traditional clothing, as well as all kinds of clothes and household objects. These exquisite pieces are embroidered by hand in traditional workshops and are admired all over the world.

The typical embroidery of Mallorca is the Mallorcan stitch, the linked stitch and the cross stitch. This work requires a great deal of skill, as it consists of delicately pulling several threads out of the fabric.

You can buy these handmade products at village fairs and markets, as well as in specialised craft shops.


The roba de llengües, or in English “tongue fabric”, the island's own fabric, is made using the ikat technique, which originated in the ancient East and was brought to Mallorca in the 16th century along the silk road. Although, given the remoteness of the island, it has taken on its own, unique characteristics.

Nowadays, these Mediterranean-styled, highly resistant fabrics (normally made from linen and cotton) continue to be used in the daily lives of Mallorcans, as they are used to make table linen, curtains, cushions, and other items, and are even used in bags and footwear... A perfect combination of tradition and design.

You can visit the workshops of Teixits Riera, Teixits Vicens, and Artesanía Tèxtil Bujosa to see first-hand how these fabrics that evoke the sea and the Mediterranean landscape are made.