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This refuge of the Dry Stone Route GR 221 is in Deià, in the Clot quarter, near the stream known as Torrent Major, and from it one has excellent views of the rock faces of the Es Teix mountain, one of the highest peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana, Es Puig, the church and the terracing on Sa Costa. The old house has been restored, and in its interior there is an olive mill with all the main elements required for the making of olive oil: the press itself, its wooden beam, and granaries.

From these premises, you can take walks around the town of Deià with its notable examples of local architecture and places of interest, such as the parish church and the cemetery, which is simple but very beautiful. In its surroundings there are also a number of possible trips to make, like walking down to Cala Deià via the Camí des Ribassos path, and the walk to the ancient pine tree Pi de sa Pedrissa via the Camí de sa Pesta.

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