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Na Pòpia

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 8.406 km
Climb: 361 m
Negative climb: 361 m
Estimated time: 2 h 51 min

The walk

Today Na Pòpia awaits us – the highest peak on Sa Dragonera, an outstanding balcony over the Mediterranean and the place chosen in the past first to site a watchtower as part of the defence system and then later a huge lamp as a navigation aid. The remains of this former lighthouse, today inhabited only by lizards and often immersed in fog, take one back to long gone times, when the lighthouse keepers and their families lived on the island in incredibly hard and isolated conditions.

Not suitable for: children’s pushchair, wheelchairs

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Departament de Sostenibilitat i Medi Ambient
C/ del General Riera, 111, 07010 Palma
(+34) 971 213 960


Unitat de Pedra en Sec i Senderisme


C/ del General Riera, 111, 07010 Palma


(+34) 971 173 650


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