Back El camí vell del barranc de Biniaraix

Camí Vell del Barranc de Biniaraix

Difficulty: Low
Distance: 5.01 km
Climb: 421 m
Negative climb: 421 m
Estimated time: 2 h 22 min

The walk

The footpaths known as Camí des Barranc and Camí Vell, officially declared to be Assets of Cultural Interest, in the category of ‘Monuments’, transport one into a landscape surrounded by cliffs and crags, where, throughout the winter and spring seasons, the water of the springs and mountain streams is the predominant feature.

Round about, man has used stone to build tracks, huts, terracing and the steps or ramps to go up from one terrace to another, etc. in his efforts to make the most of the surrounding countryside, even though the results were often meagre and closer to survival than economic production.

In 1986, to help ensure the conservation of these jewels of popular architecture, the school of margers (dry stone wallers) was set up: since then the school has proved to be the basis of the recovery of the trade of the dry stone craftsman on the island of Mallorca.

Not suitable for: children’s pushchair, wheelchairs

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Unitat de Pedra en Sec i Senderisme


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