Back Etapa 2: Estellencs-Esporles


Etapa 2: Estellencs-Esporles

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 14.404 km
Climb: 631 m
Negative climb: 598 m
Estimated time: 4 h 50 min

The stage

Located between the sea and mountains, the terraces of Estellencs and Banyalbufar, with their pools, fountains and paths rooted in Islamic origins, and developed harmoniously across the passage of history, undoubtedly constitute one of the Route´s most appealing dry stone landscapes.

At the other end, the buildings of the town of Esporles ensure it maintains its character of an industrious town, in a setting where the Torrent de Sant Pere divides it in two, and takes centre stage.

From one end to another, the old royal roads go round La Mola de Planícia and the Moletó de sa Granja, and offer glimpses of their century-old past.

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