Back Etapa 5.2: Caimari -Lluc


Etapa 5.2: Caimari -Lluc

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 8.122 km
Climb: 467 m
Negative climb: 192 m
Estimated time: 2 h 05 min


To the people of Majorca, going to Lluc means more than a simple excursion. They have come here for generations, devotedly or for more mundane reasons, always spellbound by the magnificent surroundings.

Pilgrims, shepherds, colliers and bandits all travelled along this road on foot or by horse. It could be a journey full of difficulties at times when they were threatened by the violence of outlaws, or perhaps by justice itself.

In this stage of the Artà - Lluc Route GR 222 you will walk with them, open-mouthed, surrounded by the very summits, crags and cliff that have inspired amazing stories and terrorised even the bravest of the brave.

You can check the opened and signposted stages and variants of the Artà - Lluc Route GR 222 at the Map of Majorca's hiking paths.

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