Back Etapa 6: Tossals Verds - Son Amer


Etapa 6: Tossals Verds - Son Amer

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 15.131 km
Climb: 869 m
Negative climb: 848 m
Estimated time: 5h 35 min

The stage

Its hills and peaks covered in tortured vegetation give the stage a genuinely mountainous feel, as if this were a different range altogether; this feeling is heightened to the utmost when the area is blanketed with snow, trade in which was once of major significance, and signs of which can still be seen today.

Huts and water tanks are situated around the hiking paths that wind their way amid the mountain slopes and up which gangs of labourers would climb even in the worst of weathers and, comforted by wine and spirits, would store the snow which, later on and lower down, it was used to make ice-creams and ointments. 

You can check the opened and signposted stages and variants of the Dry Stone Route GR 221 at Map of Majorca's hiking paths.

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