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Monument Natural de ses Fonts Ufanes

Ses Fonts Ufanes constitutes a unique natural hydrogeological phenomenon that occurs only after a period of intense rain. Water appears to flow from the earth spontaneously, giving rise to an astonishing sight.

Ses Fonts Ufanes are located in Campanet, on Gabellí Petit's public farm. The springs' water comes from rain that falls and filters into the soil. When the rains are intense and continuous, the aquifer's capacity is exceeded and the water makes its way toward the surface, emerging with force through upwelling in the wooded area. The flow rate can significantly increase in a matter of minutes.

The farm is an enclave with beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to pleasant walks at any time of year. The routes run through holm oak forests, where you can find the remains of coal cellars and shelters, formerly used for charcoal production. There is also an abundance of lentisks, strawberry trees, myrtles and Balearic cyclamen (Cyclamen balearicum).

There is also a visitor's centre that consists of an audiovisual room, a room for temporary exhibitions and public bathrooms. There is no complementary service in the protected area.

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Gabellí Petit public estate (Campanet).

The entrance to the Gabellí Petit estate (finca) is located near the Campanet caves.


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