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The refuge of Muleta used to be an old radiotelegraphy station located on cape or Cap Gros. It was built in 1912 and was on service until 1953. Sóller Town Hall signed an agreement in 1999 to transfer the abandoned building to the Consell de Mallorca in order to build a refuge for the Dry-stone Route. The building was restored between 1997 and 1999 thanks to the Vall de Sóller workshop school. The Brigades del Patrimoni (Heritage Gangs) formed by former students contracted by the Consell de Mallorca took part in the woodwork and dry-stone walling work. The refuge can be used as a starting or finishing point for walks through the town of Sóller, Binibassí, Fornalutx, Llucalcari or Deià and in the valley of Sóller on the paths of Castelló or Rocafort, up the Teix, etc. From a naturalist point of view, the refuge is surrounded by interesting flora, among which savine trees stand out. It is a characteristic coastal thicket which in the Tramuntana mountains can only be found in cap Gros. It is also easy to watch species of fauna such as birds of prey, sea birds and many other species since this is a place of passage in the migrating season. Also very interesting are the geological outcrops in the area. From a heritage point of view, several archaeological and palaeontological findings have taken place in the area. Close to the refuge there is the country estate of Muleta Gran with its watchtower, walls and paths to facilitate its farming.

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