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Parc nacional marítimoterrestre de Cabrera

The archipelago of Cabrera is the jewel in the crown of the natural parks of Mallorca. Declared in 1991, it is the first maritime-terrestrial national park in Spain. It represents a bastion in the conservation of the fragile Mediterranean island ecosystems and is part of the European Union's Natura 2000 network.

Cabrera is rich in endemisms. The important population of the Balearic lizard (Podarcis lilfordi ssp.) stands out. As for the avifauna found in the park, we can observe numerous birds such as the Balearic warbler (Sylvia balearica) and the Balearic Shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus), both endemic species, in addition to Eleonora's falcons, ospreys, Audouin's gulls, cormorants, petrels and shearwaters, among many other species. In addition, the archipelago is a strategic point for birds during their migratory routes. In terms of vegetation, Cabrera abounds in areas of scrubland. The flora is very rich and the presence of an endemic subspecies of the island is remarkable: the raspeta (Rubia angustifolia ssp. caespitosa).

The seabed surrounding the archipelago is extremely rich. In it we can find extensive Neptune grass meadows (Posidonia oceanica) among which live a wide variety of marine species. The transparency of the waters impresses everyone who visits this natural space.

The entrance to the port of Cabrera is presided by a small castle built at the end of the 14th century to protect the island from pirates. There are many routes which will allow you to discover the island. It is also possible to spend the night in the refuge (reservation required). In Cabrera there is practically no complementary service.

The archipelago is located south of Mallorca, about 18.5 km from the coast. To get there, tourist boats leave from the port of Colònia de Sant Jordi, where we also find the park's Interpretation Centre.

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Mar Cabrera

Departure from: Colònia de Sant Jordi
More information: 971 656 403,

Excursiones a Cabrera

Departure from: Colònia de Sant Jordi
More information: 971 649 034,

Own boat: it is necessary to apply for a navigation and mooring permit

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