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The refuge is located in the 103-hectare estate of Son Amer and was bought in 1999 by the Consell de Mallorca to include it in the project of the Dry-stone Route. Due to its location, the refuge can be used as arrival or starting point of many highly interesting walks such as the Old Way to Lluc (linking with the Artà-Lluc route, under construction), the ascent to puig Tomir through the pass or coll Pelat, the ascent to la Mola and puig d'en Galileu, the Old Way to Pollença. All in all, the walks that have as centre point the monastery of Lluc, to which Son Amer is linked by a bridle path. Walks can be taken also in the public estates of Binifaldó, Menut, Mortitx and ses Figueroles. The houses are at the centre of the estate. They overlook the valley of Lluc from the top of the hill. The owner used to live in the largest house, which was probably built in the beginning of the 20th century. The surface area of the estate is divided into both non-irrigated and irrigated fields and an oak grove. The building and estate contain a great number of enjoyable heritage elements of construction and ethnologic interest related to agricultural and forest exploitation: the fields covered with retaining walls, the bridle paths which granted access to the property and the monastery, the fountains (fountains of sa Ermita, of es Puig Ferrer and of Son Amer), the remains of a chapel dedicated to Sant Pau and a water mill with a horizontal wheel to thresh cereals which is moved by the water of the fountain of Son Amer.

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