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The refuge is located in the 578-hectare country estate of Tossals Verds in SW Escorca and is owned by the Consell de Mallorca since 1986. This property is a fine example of the use of dry-stone walling to build substructures and to organise space for agriculture and stockbreeding in the estates of the Tramuntana mountains. From the refuge the hiker can take numerous walks, routes and ascents to puig de Tossals Verds (1,115 m) and puig d'en Galileu. Besides, all these walks introduce the hiker to an important naturalist and ethnologic heritage. The hiker can enjoy the rocky slopes covered with olive groves thanks to the retaining walls, the walls which used to slow down the thrust of the stream of sa Coma, the threshing floors, charcoal-burning circles and shelters for the people who burned the charcoal, the structures to collect water (wells of sa Coma and sa Bassola) and snow, etc. The height and the variety of landscapes in the estate allow for most of the wild flora species of the Tramuntana mountains to be present in the area. The species which stand out are the plants characteristic of the oak grove (Cyclamini balearici-Quercetum ilicis), the giant reed thicket (Smilaco balearicae-Ampelodesmetum mauritanicae), the cliffs and the high mountain. Many animal species of the Tramuntana mountains also take refuge in the area due to its isolation, rugged relief, diversity of landscapes and good state of conservation. Bird life stands out among all the species with specimens of black vulture, birds of prey, small forest birds and a large quantity of migrating and hibernating species.

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