Back Variant D: Castell d'Alaró - Tram Tossals Verds - Orient


Variant D: Castell d'Alaró - Tram Tossals Verds - Orient

Difficulty: Low
Distance: 18.015 km
Climb: 735 m
Negative climb: 795 m
Estimated time: 5 h 30 min

The variant

The Puig d’Alaró mountain and its once impregnable castle, which make an outstanding viewing point over both the Serra de Tramuntana and the flat expanse of the Pla de Majorca, are omnipresent landmarks that accompany you throughout the route of this variant of the Ruta de Pedra en Sec GR 221 hiking trail. Its slopes, just like those of its twin peak, Puig de S’Alcadena, crowned by leafy holm oak groves, are heavily anthropized, with terraces, walls and pathways designed and paid for by the big landowners whose production of olive oil was a gold mine.

From time to time and as mute witnesses to this glorious past, the great houses of the possessions, or estates, can de discerned through the olive groves, not only with their olive mills, wine presses and stables but also the living quarters of the owners from where these exercised an almost feudal rule.

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