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Variant E: sa Costera

Difficulty: Low
Distance: 14.805 km
Climb: 682 m
Negative climb: 743 m
Estimated time: 5 h 15 min

The variant

From Binibassí, the trail, with a long history and age-old cobbles, climbs the terraced slopes for its rendezvous with the township of Fornalutx and its rich architectural heritage. After walking through fields of smallholdings, you enter the large estate of Bàlitx with its great, centuries’ old buildings, where mountain streams run through the olive groves growing on the elaborately designed terraces that prove so effective in the constant struggle against soil erosion.

Further on, at the other end of the Coll de Biniamar pass, open up the wild coastal mountain sides, their steep slopes and screes watched over by the ruins of ancient towers that deserve a better end. Here the main feature is the sea is and it will be keeping you company all the way to the cove of Cala Tuent. 

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