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Sobrassada and other sausages

 © Tolo Balaguer

Mallorcan pork is predominant over the rest of the meat, and its traditional slaughter forms part of the ancestral times of Mallorcan culture. In addition to the most typical Mallorcan product, sobrassada, meat from the pork, typical botifarrons, exclusive camaiot and llonganisses are also produced. These are essential for most traditional Mallorcan cuisine dishes and more than in their more traditional festivals. The most popular daily dish is the llonganissa, which usually weighs around 300 grams, and the most typical and best weighed are the arrissades, which are preserved in half-finished form and usually weigh around 800 grams.

IGP Sobrassada de Mallorca

Sobrassada has two types of guarantee labels: Sobrassada de Mallorca and sobrassada de porc negre, an indigenous breed from Mallorca that differs from the Iberian pig in genetics and nutrition, as during the 90 days prior to slaughter, Mallorcan black pigs are only fed with ordi, arrum and figs.