Advice and precautions

During your stay, if you are going to visit some tourist resources or drive around the island, you should take into account some advice and take precautions to avoid unwanted surprises. 


To drive in Mallorca you must be 18 years old or older, have a valid driving licence and carry the original document. Depending on your country of origin you will need an International Driving Licence. Check with your consulate or embassy to verify the requirements before starting your journey.

In Mallorca all roads are free of charge.

Safety rules to be taken into account

In Spain you drive on the right. Speed limits are, unless otherwise stated, 50 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h on the road, 120 km/h on the motorway. Seat belts are always compulsory for all vehicle occupants. Talking on a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, except with the hands-free system. The blood alcohol level should not exceed 0.5 g/l (0.25 mg/l in exhaled air).  The use of a reflective vest is mandatory when exiting the vehicle and occupying the road or the hard shoulder. The use of warning triangles is compulsory if the vehicle has been immobilised on the road or the hard shoulder. The maximum number of persons that may be transported shall not exceed the number of seats for which the vehicle is authorised.

How should children travel?

It is forbidden to carry minors in your arms. All children under 135 cm in height must use the rear seats and travel with the appropriate restraint system in accordance with existing regulations. The use of restraining devices with backrests is recommended until the child reaches a height of 150 centimetres. These indications are also valid for travelling by taxi.

Regulated parking

In many locations parking areas are regulated and require payment (ORA Zone) and some of them are reserved for residents only. It is recommended to pay attention to the indicative signs.


Drivers and users of motorcycles and mopeds must wear a protective helmet when driving on any urban or interurban road. The circulation of motorcycles and mopeds with children under 12 years old as passengers is prohibited.


To ride a bicycle, it is mandatory to wear a helmet on the road. In the city, helmets are compulsory for children under 16.


Mallorca is a safe place, but like anywhere else you have to be aware of petty theft while “being careless”, and take some precautions.

Always check your luggage and belongings, whether at the airport, port, hotel, beaches, etc. Never leave it unattended.

Do not leave valuables in cars, even for a short time.

Carry your wallet in a safe place and your bag in such a way that you can control its opening. Tourist areas and resources are the places most frequented by pickpockets. Don't even trust those who look like tourists.

Avoid stopping or engaging in conversation with the "claveleras" (so called because they offer 'carnations' or other objects) as many of them are professional thieves. 

Avoid street gambling, especially so-called "trileros" (shell game operators), which are a scam.

If, despite all the advice and precautions, you have been a victim of a theft, you should report it to the National Police. There is a telephone reporting service for foreign tourists (902102112). You can also make your report at the police station or via the Internet.