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This cookie policy informs you about the use of cookies or similar tools for storing data on this website.
Below, we detail what a cookie is, what it is used for, what types of cookies there are, what purpose they serve and how they can be configured or disabled if you wish to do so.



A "Cookie" is a small file that is stored on the user's computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device to store certain information such as certain browsing details. The next time the user visits the same website from the same device, the information stored in the cookies will be passed on to the visited website ("first-party cookie") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("third-party cookie").
Thanks to the information stored, the website recognises that the user has already accessed it from the same browser and device. This information is used to be able to design how to optimally present this website to you according to your preferences.
In that sense, only the cookie is identified on your device. Beyond this scope, your personal data will only be stored with your express consent or if it is strictly necessary for the use of the service offered by the website.


According to the entity that manages them:
First-party cookies
These are the cookies sent to your computer from our own computers or domains and from which the requested service is provided.
Third-party cookies
These are the cookies sent to your computer from a computer or domain that we do not manage, but by another collaborating entity. For example, those used by social networks, or by external content such as Google Maps.
With regard to third-party cookies, i.e. those that are external to our website, we cannot be held responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies they include, so the information we offer you is always with reference to the source.
According to the length of time they remain active:
Session cookies
These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the web page, so none of them are recorded on your computer's hard drive. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the website. In the long run, this allows us to provide a better experience because it improves the content of the website and makes it easier to use.
Persistent cookies
These are stored on the hard drive and the website reads them every time you visit. A permanent cookie has a certain expiration date and stops working after that date. These cookies are often used, for example, to facilitate registration services.
According to their purpose
Technical cookies
These are the most basic cookies. They are necessary for browsing and the proper functioning of our website. They make it possible, for example, to control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access restricted areas, remember the elements that make up an order, carry out the purchase process of an order, make an application for registration or participation in an event, use security elements during browsing, store content for the broadcasting of videos or sound or share content through social networks.
Personalisation cookies
These are the cookies that allow you to access the service with predefined characteristics depending on a series of criteria, such as the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.
Analysis cookies
These are the cookies that enable tracking and analysis of the behaviour of the users of the websites to which they are linked. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity of the website, application or platform and to create user browsing profiles in order to make improvements based on an analysis of the data on how users use the service.
Advertising cookies
These are those that enable the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces included on a website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided, based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency at which the advertisements are shown.
Behavioural advertising cookies
These cookies store information on user behaviour obtained by continuously observing their browsing habits, which allows a specific profile to be developed in order to display advertising.
Cookies that are not strictly necessary to provide you with services on our website are only used with your consent. By continuing to browse this website after the cookie notice appears, you consent to the use of cookies on this website.
On this website we never store the personal data of our users, except in the case of voluntary registration in order to take advantage of the services offered in the private area: favourites, opinions, preferences, planner, logos.

The cookies used on our website and their purpose are detailed below.


Strictly necessary Save the session and record the number of users who visit the web portal. JSESSIONID Own No Session
These cookies are used to control the expiration time of the user's session. LFR_SESSION_STATE_* No Session
They are used to find out if the user has cookies enabled. COOKIE_SUPPORT No 365 days
They are used to save the language in which the portal is displayed to the user. GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID No 365 days
These cookies are used to automatically log the user in. LOGIN No 365 days
PASSWORD No 365 days
REMEMBER_ME No 365 days
SCREEN_NAME No 365 days
These cookies are used to manage your access ID. ID No 365 days
COMPANY_ID No 365 days
USER_ID No 365 days
USER_UUID No 365 days
Used to store consent to the use of cookies. COOKIES_AGREE No 365 days
Strictly necessary Used by the GOOGLE RECAPTCHA service in forms to prevent SPAM. _GRECAPTCHA Third parties No 5 months and 20 days
Strictly necessary Purpose: The Vimeo video player needs to use some cookies to play an embedded video. These two cookies are always set when you are on a website with an embedded Vimeo video. When you watch the video and click the button, for example to "share" or "link" the video, additional cookies are set. They are also third-party cookies such as _ga or _gat_UA-76641-8 from Google Analytics or _fbp from Facebook. Exactly which cookies are set here depends on your interaction with the video. vuid Third parties [1] No 730 days
player No 365 days
Strictly necessary Cookies are set through embedded YouTube videos. They enable YouTube to function and also record anonymous statistical data on, for example, how many times the video is played and what settings are used for playback. No sensitive data is collected unless you are signed in to your Google Account; in which case, your choices are linked to your account, for example if you click "like" on a video. For more information, please read Google's general privacy policy. 1P_JAR Third parties [2] No 30 days
APISID No 722 days
CONSENT No 6079 days
CONSENT No 6070 days
DSID No 11 days
HSID No 722 days
IDE No 285 days
NID No 183 days
OTZ No 22 days
RUL No 344 days
SAPISID No 722 days
SID No 722 days
SIDCC No 365 days
SSID No 722 days
YSC No Session
__Secure-3PAPISID No 722 days
__Secure-3PSID No 722 days
__Secure-APISID No 722 days
__Secure-HSID No 722 days
__Secure-SSID No 722 days
__Secure-1PAPISID No 722 days
__Secure-1PSIDD No 722 days
GPS No 1 days
test_cookie No 365 days
Analytics Google Analitycs: [3]
Generate a unique user identifier, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site, as well as the date of the first and last visit. Record the date and time of access to any of the pages of the Site. Check the need to keep a user's session open or create a new one. Identify the user's session, to collect the approximate geographic location of the computer accessing the Site for statistical purposes.
_ga Third parties [4] Yes 365 days
_gat Yes 365 days
_gid Yes 365 days
Other possible cookies to be loaded by the Google visit monitoring service Yes 365 days
Analytics These cookies are set by the Piwik web analytics service. To comply with privacy regulations, the analytics service does not track personal data, e.g. it anonymises your IP address. _pk_ref Third parties [5] Yes 365 days
_pk_cvar Yes 365 days
_pk_id Yes 730 days
_pk_se Yes 365 days


[1] – Vimeo cookie conditions:

[2] – Google cookie conditions:

[3] – Use of Google Analytics cookies on websites:

[4] – Google Analytics privacy conditions:

[5] – Use of cookies Matomo - Piwik:



If you do not want cookies to be saved in your browser or you prefer to receive information each time a cookie requests to be installed, you can configure your browsing options to do so. Most browsers allow cookies to be managed in 3 different ways:
•    Cookies are always rejected;
•    The browser asks if the user wants to install each cookie;
•    Cookies are always accepted;
Your browser may also include the ability to select in detail which cookies you want to be placed on your computer. In particular, the user can normally accept one of the following options:
•    Refuse cookies from certain domains;
•    Refuse third-party cookies;
•    Accept cookies as non-persistent (they are deleted when the browser is closed);
•    Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.
You can find out which cookies are installed on your device, authorise them, block them and delete them by configuring your browser options. The following links provide all the information you need to configure or disable your cookies in each browser:


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Mozilla Firefox
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Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad)
Chrome for Android


We may update the Cookie Policy of We therefore recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to be properly informed about how and what we use cookies for.