Can Pere Antoni is situated at 2 km from Palma. It is at the maritime facade and it has a massive influx of local people.
The proximity to Palma explains that it is an urban beach with massive influx of local and tourist visitors. There is a pay-parking for private cars and the bus stop is at about hundred metres.
Cala Estància is situated at 11 Km from Palma. This large beach has fine-grained white sand, it a sort of natural swimming basin.
This impressive sea inlet introduces rugged 300 meters inland, sheltered by cliffs towering, limestone and free of vegetation.
Cala Banyalbufar is 17 km from Valldemossa. A beautiful pebble cove surrounded by cliffs.
This sea inlet has a beautiful sandy area with gentle slope and an attractive fine-grained golden sand, which is the result of rests of shells and other species of sea animals of thousands and...
This coast is a small bay, surrounded by low rocky areas and covered by a very fine-grained sand, and this is why it is the biggest sandy area of this municipality.
This beautiful virgin beach has fine-grained sand, with shells, and some rocks here and there. The slope is very gentle, and there is some vegetation fixing the system of dunes at the rear.
It has an important archaeological and painting collection. The building is of traditional architecture.