Cycling in Mallorca

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Mallorca, A Cyclist´s Paradise

With 2,071 km of local roads and paths, Mallorca has become a prime destination for cyclists. Its varied orography, pleasant Mediterranean climate and cyclist-friendly infrastructure make this island a paradise for cyclists.  

In addition, Mallorca is an island with a long tradition of cycling. This can be seen in the island’s high number of cycling fans, its large number of velodromes that were built at the beginning of the 20th century and the many elite athletes that have come from Mallorca, such as internationally reknowned cyclists Joan Llaneras and Guillem Timoner.

Cycling can be done all year round, with October to May being the most best time of the year to do so. In December, it is common to see the world’s biggest professional teams on the island’s roads as they train and prepare for the cycling season. The first appointment in the calendar is the Mallorca Challenge, a great event for elite cyclists that usually takes place at the end of January.

Amateur teams and fans choose Mallorca not only for its beauty and ideal cycling conditions, but also for its tourist attractions. More than 120 hotels specialise in cycling and include bicycle rental and repair services, adapted menus, massage services, etc. making Mallorca a unique place for cycling.


To improve the cycling experience, the CYCLING ROUTE PLAN has been created, which divides routes and paths into non-recommended roads, suitable roads and preferred roads according to the degree of safety and traffic.

A series of routes with differing degrees of difficulty in terms of distance and unevenness of the track have been developed. They are grouped into 4 different areas constituting a homogeneous network that covers the entire island. The 16 proposed routes have a total length of 1,732 km and connect the main population centres and points of interest in Mallorca such as its towns, lighthouses, hermitages and the great mountain system that is the Serra de Tramuntana. These routes are signposted and can be combined according to the needs of each cyclist.

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