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Mallorca: a culinary destination

The cuisine of Mallorca boasts all the benefits of the famous Mediterranean diet, one of the world’s most complete and healthiest diets. The food is a reflection of the different cultures that make up our identity today.

The island character of the region and the wonderful climate that Mallorca enjoys all year round make for a practically unique tremendous variety of produce. The cuisine of Mallorca features a rich selection of high-quality meat, fresh caught fish, and a delicious range of fruit and vegetables that add vivid flavour no matter the season. All this comes together to create an authentic and local flavour that is one of the biggest attractions and pleasures to be found on a visit to Mallorca.

Mercado L'Olivar


Each day of the week there is a market in one of the villages. There you will be able to enjoy local, artisan and seasonal products.

Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli

Mallorcan farmhouse bread, tomato, virgin olive oil and salt. Accompanied by Mallorcan olives, cheese, and cured meats... simple and delicious.