Inland destinations

Almond trees in bloom © Tolo Balaguer
Cure Sanctuary (Algaida) © Tolo Balaguer
Lloret de Vistalegre © Tolo Balaguer
Vilafranca de Bonany © Tolo Balaguer
Molí d'en Xina (Algaida) © Tolo Balaguer

Mallorca is not just a sunny beach destination. The inland of the island is the most rural part of Mallorca. It is the ideal destination for those seeking serenity, away from the popular tourist spots.
In the towns, especially in the smaller ones, life goes by more slowly and there is an air of authenticity.

Discover its heritage: parish churches, hermitages, convents, mills... stroll through its weekly markets or take part in its festivities and celebrations, the perfect way to immerse yourself in the most traditional Mallorca. 

In addition to charming villages, many other activities await you, many of them suitable for the whole family: hiking and biking; excursions to hermitages and sanctuaries; visits to possessions, old manor houses, or guided tours of wineries, oil mills, artisan workshops, etc. 

The inland scenery is varied. It combines holm oak groves, pine forests and garrigue with rain-fed farming fields: grains, almond trees, carob trees, olive trees, vineyards... The sight of the blossoming almond groves in winter, between the months of January and March, makes all travellers that pass through this part of the island fall in love. Although it is a mostly flat territory, the terrain also has some elevations and mountainous areas.

As for accommodation, there are several options. From inland hotels located in the urban town centres to rural hotels and farms with agricultural activity (agritourism). Some sanctuaries even offer stays for those who want a retreat in a more spiritual environment.

The food is also very varied. In the inland towns there are many restaurants serving local cuisine as well as typical cellers, old places where wine was made and aged, and which have been transformed into restaurants serving traditional cuisine.

Mallorca is much more than a beach destination. Explore its inland and discover its essence; the most authentic Mallorca.