Leisure and entertainment

Leisure and entertainment

Having fun is very easy

Mallorca has a reputation for being a peaceful, relaxing place. The island offers a large number of activities and places to discover. It has many monuments and museums, as well as a wide range of activities and trips to satisfy all visitors. Many local festivities, mainly of religious nature, are celebrated in Mallorca. They are outstanding, spectacular events.

The nightlife of Mallorca consists of a large number of clubs and bars distributed around the island. They are usually small, lively bars with a great atmosphere. If you want to go clubbing, one of the most popular nightlife areas is paseo marítimo in Palma, with a large concentration of night clubs. Other options include the different tourist areas. One of the most lively areas is Magaluf. 

The routes along the interior of the island are very popular. Hiking attracts many people and allows visitors to discover the island’s vegetation of varied shapes and colours.

A boat trip is one of the best ways of discovering the beauty of the rough, rocky coast around the island. Many boat tours depart from Puerto de Sóller (West). Back on dry land, an equally interesting proposal is to visit the Mallorca safari zoo in sa Coma.

A number of caves are open to visitors. You can take guided tours of their splendid chambers and enjoy the sight of the underground lakes.

In Mallorca there is an excellent offer of leisure parks. Most of them are located in the municipality of Calvià. The largest water parks are situated in S'Arenal and Magaluf. A smaller water park is located in the Alcúdia area. You can also visit a park with animals in Portals Nous boasting dolphin and seal shows and an aquarium located in Playa de Palma exhibiting marine life.

Finally, shopping centres offer bowling and amusement arcade facilities. The two most popular shopping centres on the island are located in Porto Pi (Palma) and Marratxí.