What to Buy

Practically there’s nothing you can not buy in Mallorca. More well the opposite, Mallorca is a magnet for artists and entrepreneurs not to be found in other places. Mallorca has everything. On the one hand, Mallorca is a natural paradise with space to rest but by the other side, Mallorca offers all the shopping and attractions of a quality city of the continent: safe, modern, clean, cosmopolitan. It is calm and the fiesta. It is the tradition and Modernity. And this is the field of contrasts that makes of a visit so complete. 

The Mallorcan footwear 

Besides fantastic holidays in Mallorca famous footwear is produced like the world famous brands Camper, Lottusse, Yanko, Farrutx, Bestard…  Factories usually have a point of sale to the public, where it is possible to find offers and reduced articles. The Factories are located in different villages of the inland, specially by area Inca, Binissalem, Alaró, Lloseta and Llucmajor. 

Inca is also known as the 'City of the Leather’ for its great tradition.

Cosmopolitan fashion 

The Mallorca design school is also present by the Pasarela Cibeles and Pasarela Gaudí with designers as Toni Miró and Carmen March. International fashion stores are open about Palma. Brands such as Loewe, Armani, Roberto Verino or Sea Sobrón Dotan give the glamour to the Balearic capital and attracts customers from all nationalities. 

But Mallorca is not an island only for those with a high purchasing level. You can also find more affordable brands and popular in Europe like: Zara, Máximo Dutti, H & M, C & A.

Shopping in Palma

You will find shops throughout the city, but there are some excellent shopping streets, such as Sant Miquel, Union, Jaime III and El Born. The experience of entering their markets can also be very special for foreign visitors: l'Olivar Market or Market of Santa Catalina. The Passeig per l'artesania is a whole area inhabited by artisan shops and the Plaza Mayor, where every morning craft stalls are mounted. There are several large shopping centers in both the city center and nearby. There you will find everything from appliances, clothing, food, books, perfume...


Attention to the number of art galleries that you will find in every corner of the island, result of the attractiveness that artists have had and still have to Mallorca. An incentive for those who enjoy buying art. 

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