Vela, Mallorca


A Great Variety of Sport Activities

Mallorca is the ideal location for a wide range of sports. As well as the visual impact of the landscape, sportspeople enjoy a pleasant, stable weather that rarely interferes with sports events. Moreover, the island boasts top class sports facilities: Football Stadium in Son Moix, Palma Arena (velodrome) and a large number of marinas, golf courses... It is no wonder that Mallorca is home to many top sports figures: Rafa Nadal, Rudy Fernández, Miquel Ángel Nadal, Carlos Moyá, Jorge Lorenzo, Joan Llaneras…they all took their first steps in Mallorca.

It is up to you whether you actively take part or just watch the many sports events that take place throughout the year.

Those who would rather attend a sports event should know that Mallorca is internationally renowned for its nautical competitions which are held every summer in the island’s waters. Many important figures, including the Spanish royal family, attend and often take part actively in the regattas held on the island throughout the year.

Many Mallorcans have a passion for horses, which is well entrenched into Mallorcan tradition. Trotting races take place almost every weekend in the racecourses of Palma (Son Pardo) and Manacor. In summer, the races take place at night. They are much more spectacular and the spectators can dine in the open air while they watch the races.

The more active visitors have the chance to practise a wide range of sports. The advantage of being on an island is that the sports offer covers a myriad of activities on land, sea and in the air. Mallorca is an island with a great sports tradition in a wide range of modalities. Beach volleyball tournaments with internationally renowned players, football matches, tennis, sailing, hockey, cycling, athletics, swimming…

Nevertheless the mild Mallorcan winter attracts more and more professional international cycling teams to island. Mallorca is their favourite location to prepare for the season. The weather also attracts hiking, mountaineering, nordic walking and adventure sports enthusiasts, among others.

Golf is also one of the favourite sports for tourists and locals alike. So much so that the growing demand for the sport has prompted the construction of new and improved facilities in the past years. The courses in Mallorca are set in areas of great beauty and captivate those who play in them. Hence most visitors come back at least once a year.

There is also room for minority sports on the island. Some examples are hang gliding, parachuting, rock climbing, scuba diving, sports fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, motoring and bowling, among other sports. What is more important, a wide range of specialized shops sell all the necessary equipment to practise the sport.