The Weather

The Weather

The climate in Mallorca

Mallorca enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm temperatures in summer and mild temperatures in winter. The island offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making any time of year a good time to visit. 


In summer, daytime temperatures can regularly exceed 30ºC, the season of sun and beach. The nights are also quite warm, often reaching over 20ºC. For this reason, avoid intense sporting activities during the summer months, the best time to do them is from October to May. 

During spring and autumn, daytime temperatures can be quite pleasant, between 15 and 18ºC, you could even enjoy a few days at the beach, as some days can exceed 25ºC. It is the ideal time to explore the island, visit the tourist attractions and practice outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking.

The island's mild winters (8-12 ºC) are also perfect either for sports and active holidays or for discovering the real island of tranquillity, since during this season the influx of tourists is lower.


Sporadic, heavy rainfall is typical for Mallorca, but it doesn't usually last very long. These sudden rainfalls occur mainly during autumn and winter. 


The waters bathing the island can reach 13 ºC in winter, around 15-18 ºC in spring and can exceed 20 ºC in summer. 

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